Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super late Easter recap

We colored Easter eggs a few times.  This was a neon set

Well, this month has been crazy but I haven't had time to post all the Easter photos we took of the fun activities of the season.  Henry really loves holiday crafts.
Henry made this for Justin.  The BYU egg

The cousins at Tracie's house in their Easter best

One of our many Easter egg hunts we did throughout the month.  The kids go crazy even if there's just one jelly bean inside

Henry and Colton holding their monster eggs.  I have to say, this is the cutest box set I have ever seen, maybe even better than the dinosaurs.  This set came with crazy hair, monster face stickers and pipe cleaners for arms and legs.  Brilliant!
Yeah, and is snowed on our party day:(

The loot from the last egg hunt

Don't take my candy!

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The Muse said...

I love all your fun ideas... yellow Jello jigglers?! Brilliant! And I love the picture of the cousins with Henry holding up Lincoln. He's such a sweet kid.

PS. That story about the baby mice is hilarious. And disgusting. I loved it :)