Monday, October 21, 2013

Mommy's Appreciation

You do kind acts of service for your sisters all the time.  Your heart is full of goodness and charity.
 Henry, I just have to tell you how much I am appreciating you right now.  At the beginning of this year, you had some emotional troubles and would fight with me every time I mentioned any of your home work or piano practicing but you've turned a corner and are doing so well.  I attribute some of it to the winter time and you not knowing that it's actually early when you go to bed.  You are finally waking up early and are getting some things done in the morning. 
You are such a good sport.  You put up with so much girly stuff.  You're lucky I was a tomboy growing up and can relate to your love of everything boy.  I love having you around to balance out all the babies and tea parties.  Bring on the bugs!
You are committed to reading the Book of Mormon before your baptism in about four months, even though you've neglected it for a while.  Every morning you wake up and read two chapters, mark it off on your sticker chart and then go downstairs and practice your piano.  I haven't even had to ask you to do it for a few weeks and it's changed our entire relationship!  I'm so grateful that you've decided to do it without asking(or nagging and eventually getting frustrated).  You do so well in school and I appreciate all your hard work to get good scores.  You do your homework without many problems and do well on all your tests.  You got a 90% on your last Chinese test and your teacher told me that you cried with your head down on your desk.  I was so sad to hear that you didn't think you did well, but I'm so glad you care so much about doing well in school.  I just love everything about you and I hope you can continue to be so responsible. It really makes a big difference in our home.  Love you my son!

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