Saturday, June 22, 2013

Man of Action

Henry at Goblin Vally, helping poor scraped-nosed Violette back to the car.  You're the best brother ever!
Henry, you are a machine!  What do you make? Energy! For the first two weeks of summer I have had you in an hour of tennis, and hour of swimming lessons, playing at parks or our back yard and then two hours of basketball camp along with activities at home and you're still not tired at bed time!  We take you on bike rides and hikes and you tirelessly play family and house with your sisters.  I have never seen you act tired! 

Well, I am excited to say that you are getting really great at tennis and you are also a great little swimmer.  I wanted to put you on swim team...but I don't want to bring you to practice at 7:30am and dedicate every Saturday to swim meets.  All the girls are still asleep that early anyway.  Maybe next year.  Anyway, life is so fun during the summer.  This next week we're having our family reunion and then visits from friends.  After that you have Chinese camp and then lego camp.  You don't even know I signed you up for that.  You're going to die of excitement! 

Anyway, I love you dear boy.  You're so much fun to have around and you're such a wonderful big brother.  Thanks for playing family and house and parents and babies with Bea all the time.  You even let Vivi hit you in the head with a wooden stick toy over and over today and still gave her a hug to make up. 
You really are the best. 

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