Monday, March 17, 2014

8 years old and baptized!

Henry turned 8 years old on February 24th and he was baptized on March 8th, 2014.  Since there was no snow this year on his Birthday, we had a Lego Movie Birthday party with a bunch of his friends and cousins on his actual Birthday.  We saw it 3D and I smuggled in snack baggies and water bottles for all the kids.  I was so worried someone was going to ask what was in my giant 50 lb purse.  I don't think a boy could have been more happy.  The move was really great and the kids all had a great time.  When we got home, we had pizza and ice cream cake.  Justin put all 5 pizzas in the same oven to cook, which any logical person would know wouldn't work, so we all had to eat snacks, and dessert before the pizzas were even out of the oven.  lol.  Henry got a lot of Legos from his friends and since I fixed his Lego table, all of them are nicely displayed on it. 

On March 8th Henry was baptized.  It was such a wonderful weekend full of family and friends.  All of Henry's grandparents came to the event as well as his best friend cousin, Wee-o, Stefanie and baby Nathan.  On Friday we woke up insanely early to take some photos and then spent the day at the Museum of Natural History where they also had a chocolate exhibit.  We got in trouble shoving chocolate down our kids' throats throughout the museum.  lol. 

Friday night we had the Hohls and Tingeys over to read the last chapter of the Book of Mormon together.  The spirit was very strong and Henry says he has a little testimony(and he thinks the 3 Nephites helped him find his wallet). Saturday morning I spent most of my time cooking and hanging out with the family.  Then at 3:30 he was baptized.  12 non Mormon friends showed up and a ton of family.  The spirit was very strong there.  We were so blessed that he had so much support from all his family.

Both of his grandparents, Burnell Hohl and Jim Tingey gave the talks, I sang What Heaven Sees in You changed to boy lyrics and Justin baptized him.  During the baptism, Vivi was climbing up the glass yelling, "Hi Daddy!" over and over. Afterward everyone came back to eat and hang out at our house.  Then on Sunday we celebrated his Birthday along with Gammie, and other family.  It was an awesome weekend.

 We skipped school on Monday and spent the day at the Leonardo museum with the Chous and Bradshaws, ate at Hires, went on a short hike up City Creek Canyon and then went to the Lego movie again.  If you don't already know, you have to see it twice. 

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Sarah said...

He's getting so big! Holy cow. We want to come see your cute family. We're coming to UT next week and then again in August. Txt me or email me and we'll try to get together. 801-830-8478