Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busy Body

Dancing with Bea in the kitchen.  He's such a sweet boy and he LOVES his sisters!

Every morning Henry goes to an hour of tennis lessons, an hour of swimming lessons(which is mainly just lap swimming and I'm surprised with how well he puts up with it) and then swims at the pool for a couple hours afterward, and never wants to go home, he reads a book a day, has playdates every once in a while, and has soccer twice a week.  He's one busy kid! You'd be surprised how often he complains that he's bored.  Seriously.  What more do I have to do? He's had family and friends staying here almost the entire summer and got to visit his cousins in CT for his aunt Courtney's wedding reception and family reunion.  He basically just ran wild with his cousins and I'm glad he's still alive. 

At Mystic Seaport.  Still comparing how tall he is to his cousin Will(Wee-o) who is a little older than he is.  Henry is still taller, but not sure how long that will last.  Wee-o's got some tall genes waiting to turn on at anytime.  Henry LOVES Wee-o and I dream of the day they're BYU roommates!

Henry's effortless volley.  He's one of the best in the class.  Check out the view we get while we're watching!

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